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Interactive Tool

Interactive tool

Human and mouse immune cell marker databases. All the facts at your fingertips from cell lineage to marker proteins, discover for yourself.


Booklets and Posters:

 Booklets & Posters:

Find your cell specific markers using our mouse or human immune cell lineage and expression guide, posters and interactive database.

From Innate Immunity to Adaptive Responses

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Immunology is a broad and complex research area that encompasses innate immunity, adaptive immunity and immune regulation in the naive state and in response to infection and disease.

As antibody experts, we understand the challenges you face when selecting the right antibodies. We can offer you a choice from an extensive selection of immunology antibodies that cover both innate and adaptive immunity.

To support you we have developed a comprehensive application resources library that provides essential information needed to design your experiments, select the best marker and identify the right antibody with ease.

Immunology Range

Cytokines, Chemokines & Growth Factors

The Lab Rat

  • Rat facts
  • Immune cell frequencies
  • Lineage specific rat markers
  • Key rat markers and antibodies

MHC Complex

  • Overview
  • Key markers and antibodies

Integrins and Cell Adhesion Molecules

  • Integrins and their ligands
  • Non-integrin cell adhesion molecules and their ligands
  • Leukocyte endothelium interaction during inflammation illustrated
  • Key integrin and cell adhesion molecule markers and antibodies

The Aging Immune System

  • Hallmarks
  • Role of stress
  • Innate immunity
  • Adaptive immunity

Iron Transport and the Role of CD71

  • The role of transferrin receptor 1 (CD71)
  • Iron transport summarized
  • Illustration of iron transport into cells
  • Key iron transport and CD71 markers and antibodies

Immunology Resources


These mini-reviews cover a range of research areas with a particular focus on Immunology.

Educational summaries

Easy to follow immunology articles.

Blog | Lab Crunches

Designed like a lab book, this new platform has been specially curated to help early career researchers get ahead.

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