StarBright™ Dyes are novel dyes designed to have superior brightness, narrow excitation and emission characteristics, ease of use, and stability to give you the right result first time and every time. Improved resolution of specific cell populations and minimized spillover and spreading allow you to build bigger, better panels with ease.

To help you achieve the best results, and get the most out of your StarBright Dyes, we have pulled all the relevant resources together into one handy location. In addition, we also have this handy FAQ page to help answer some common questions you may have regarding StarBright Dyes.


From webinars to webpages, posters to pocket guides, and of course our online Multicolor Panel Builder and Fluorescent Spectraviewer tools, we are sure that our resources will help you at every step of your flow cytometry experiment. 



StarBright Dyes Range

Conjugated to highly cited immunology antibodies, the StarBright Dyes range includes dyes excited by the ultravioletvioletblueyellow, and red lasers suitable for use on all cell sorters, cell analyzers, and spectral instruments with the correct lasers and filters.

Further Help

In addition to the resources listed above, we have a comprehensive set of general flow cytometry resources for self-help and our expert technical support are able to answer any queries including panel designing.

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Antibody Performance Guarantee


Antibody Performance Guarantee

Bio-Rad offers a performance guarantee in key immunological applications including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, immunoassays, western blotting, and immunofluorescence.

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