Ten Reasons to Choose Bio-Rad’s Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

Ten Reasons to Choose Bio-Rad’s Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

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Develop robust and reliable assays using recombinant anti-idiotypic antibodies

We understand the challenges involved in the development of bioanalytical assays to measure levels of large molecule drugs or anti-drug antibodies. You need to design a selective and sensitive assay that works every time, generate translatable and defensible data, and meet your deadlines.

We know you need trustworthy critical antibody reagents to do this.

Without high quality antibodies you can get stuck developing the method, have to continually requalify new lots, end up feeling insecure about the results, and frustrated about not making progress.

We offer over a hundred antibodies against marketed biologic drugs suitable for pharmacokinetic (PK) and anti-drug-antibody (ADA) assays, to support bioanalytical assays for preclinical research and clinical trials, and therapeutic drug monitoring, for innovator and biosimilar products.

Our team of antibody experts has been making recombinant monoclonal antibodies targeting large molecule biologics for over 10 years, with 100% success for inhibitory anti-idiotypic antibodies.

Follow these steps to success

  1. Find the antibodies to your biologic or biosimilar in our list below
  2. Check the product specifications and data
  3. Order antibodies and get your project started!

Ready-made Anti-Biotherapeutic Antibodies

What makes our monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies so special?

  • Highly specific to drug idiotope or drug-target complex, results in a selective PK assay
  • Fully human, ideal as a surrogate positive control or calibrator for an ADA assay
  • Sequence defined, well characterized reagent for secure supply throughout the study
  • Recombinant production with stringent quality control for batch to batch consistency
  • Non-animal-derived antibodies, reduces the use of animals in science

Imagine how good it would feel to save time and increase your success rates

    You have well characterized antibodies, highly specific to the drug
    You can design and optimize a selective and sensitive assay
    Your results are translatable and reproducible

Trust our recombinant anti-idiotypic antibodies to help you master the assay, deliver results, increase productivity and achieve success!

Can’t find antibodies to your biologic in our list?



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