Improve Experimental Flexibility and Achieve Reproducible Results

TrailBlazer Antibodies We understand that design and optimization of immunoassays is complex and time consuming. Having an antibody in only one format limits your options, and the resulting assay may not answer all your questions. Producing several different conjugates or alternative formats can be tedious and costly, and delay your progress.

We can help you overcome these challenges by providing more sophisticated antibodies. We have incorporated SpyTag-SpyCatcher technology into our custom HuCAL® recombinant antibody generation service, to make 'TrailBlazer Antibodies'. The service provides you with an extensive antibody toolbox that enables rapid development of robust assays, leading to results that advance your research.

Fig. 1. Convert one monovalent Fab antibody with SpyTag (center) to multiple formats using a variety of SpyCatchers.

Fig. 1. Convert one monovalent Fab antibody with SpyTag (center) to multiple formats using a variety of SpyCatchers.  

How SpyTag-SpyCatcher Technology Works with Custom HuCAL Antibodies

When the SpyTag peptide and SpyCatcher protein are mixed, a spontaneous reaction results in an irreversible covalent isopeptide bond forming between them. We have added the SpyTag peptide as a tag to the HuCAL Fab antibody, and made a set of SpyCatchers to couple to the Fab. The Catchers enable site-directed conjugation to HRP or biotin, and the formation of bivalent Fab and Ig-like constructs with human, mouse, and rabbit isotypes.

The process is simple:

  1. Start with a monovalent Fab with a SpyTag

a. Generate in a new custom antibody project, or
b. Convert an existing custom HuCAL clone to SpyTag format

  1. Select from a variety of Catchers for coupling to the Fab to make:
  • Monovalent labeled with HRP or biotin
  • Bivalent (unlabeled)
  • Bivalent labeled with HRP, biotin, or RPE
  • Synthetic Ig-like human IgG1 labeled with HRP or biotin
  • Ig-like human IgG1, 2, 3, 4, IgA (unlabeled)
  • Ig-like mouse IgG2a or rabbit IgG (unlabeled)

The degree of labeling of Catchers is measured and controlled between batches, and coupling Fab to Catcher is site-specific at a 1:1 ratio using SpyTag-SpyCatcher technology. This results in consistency of labeling between batches and avoids conjugation occurring at the active site.

Imagine Having Such a Variety of Products in Your Hands from the Outset

  • Time saving ─ access to multiple antibody formats at once
  • Enormous flexibility ─ test different formats to optimize your assay
  • Better experimental reproducibility ─ consistently label antibodies
  • Robust data – have confidence in your results

This innovative combination of SpyTag and HuCAL technologies brings you:

    Rapid generation of highly specific Fab antibodies in as little as 8 weeks
    Isolation of antibodies against virtually any type of antigen, for instance proteins, peptides,
         biologics, low immunogenic antigens, and toxins
    Fast, flexible format conversion using SpyTag technology, +1 week
    Site-directed conjugation with consistent degree of labeling using SpyTag technology
    Sequenced ─ antibody identity known, long-term secure supply guaranteed

Next Steps to Achieving Superior Assays

Follow these steps to get your customized TrailBlazer Antibodies:

  1.  Get all of the details in the technical article [Download
  2.  Discuss your project with a custom antibody specialist [Schedule a call
  3.  Work with us to design the antibodies you need
  4.  Order your custom antibody project
  5.  Receive your antibodies within 3 months and get your assays started


Is immunoassay complexity holding you back?

R&D Team Leader Dr Francisco Ylera explains how we have incorporated SpyTag-SpyCatcher technology into the custom HuCAL antibody generation service.