Antibody Purification and Assay Kits

Antibody Purification and Assay Kits

To assist you with your research goals, Bio-Rad offers an extensive portfolio of assay kits for studying various biological processes and research areas such as cancer, arthritis or Alzheimer’s. The kits are designed to be simple to use and provide consistent results.

For analysis of apoptosis, we offer a variety of apoptosis detection kits based on different aspects of the apoptotic process. Our Magic Red™ cathepsin kits use a quick and easy method to analyze intracellular cathepsin, which is involved in both autophagy and apoptosis.  The methodology is suitable for fluorescence microscopy or fluorescent plate readers as opposed to conventional antibody or ELISA based detection methods.

We also offer complete and ready to use antibody purification kits that are designed to eliminate tedious chromatographic steps normally associated with Protein A chromatography. 

For endotoxin removal, our purification kits provide rapid, one step, and high grade removal of endotoxins from recombinant proteins, antibodies, and viral vectors. We also have kits for ELISA, rat monoclonal antibody isotyping and IHC experiments, among others, to help you get accurate and consistent results faster.

Antibody Kits & Purification Kits

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    For assistance with your experiments, visit our resources section for detailed protocols, tips, guides and educational articles. For more information or assistance with choosing an appropriate antibody kit, please contact our technical support specialists.