Workbook Overview

This comprehensive course provides an introduction to flow cytometry and covers essential considerations when planning your first experiments, helping ensure successful flow cytometry and trustworthy data.

To test your understanding, take a quiz at the end of each module.

Further information can easily be accessed, as tips and links to helpful tools and protocols are included.

Course Contents

The modules cover:


Introduction to Flow Cytometry Basics

This module explains what flow cytometry is by introducing the flow cytometer and what it is used for.


Inside a Flow Cytometer

This module describes the different components of the flow cytometer, explaining the importance and mechanics of each system, and how these systems work together.


Fluorescence and Flow Cytometry

Fluorescence underpins the application of flow cytometry. This module covers the principles of fluorescence, including how lasers and fluorescent dyes are used within flow cytometry.


Sample Preparation

Here you will learn how samples should be prepared according to the location of the target protein in the cell, and how sample preparation affects your data.


Target Protein Detection

The use of antibodies in flow cytometry is discussed, starting from selecting the right antibody for your experiment to best practice when working with them.



Different types of controls are suggested to ensure you have confidence in your results.


Multicolor Flow Cytometry

This module provides a guide on how to perform a flow experiment when you want to identify multiple targets in one experiment. Covering the uses of multicolor flow cytometry, compatible fluorescent dye selection, how to build your flow panels, and much more.


Data Acquisition and Analysis

General steps for instrument setup and data analysis are described, followed by data interpretation, analysis, and presentation.


Cell Sorting

This module explains what cell sorting is, its applications, and how to design cell sorting experiments.


Planning Your Own Flow Cytometry Experiments

A planning template that runs through the flow cytometry experiment to provide structure to building your experiment, ensuring that you take everything you need to into consideration.

All Your Flow Needs Covered

At Bio-Rad, we offer expert resources to ensure that you generate the best data possible. Visit the Flow Cytometry Explained Resource Hub for guides, top tips, webinars, and online tools such as a Multicolor Panel Builder Tool and Spectraviewer. 

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