Antibody Application Resources

Antibody Application Resources

Protocols, application guides, tips and tricks

At Bio-Rad we aim to provide you with a reliable source of antibodies and support you with the design and optimization of your experiments. To help you with your experiments, we have developed a range of useful application specific guides, protocols and tips for: 

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Flow Cytometry

Useful resources which include an "Introduction to Flow Cytometry" guide, protocols and tips to help you design multi-color Flow Cytometry panels.

Flow Cytometry Guide

Flow Cytometry guide

Our "Introduction to Flow Cytometry" guide is aimed at beginners, and covers the principles of fluorescence, data analysis advice and troubleshooting.

Pocket Guide to Flow Cytometry

Pocket Guide to Flow Cytometry

A handy pocket version of our popular flow cytometry guide containing a basic overview of all the important features of flow cytometry, from instrument to experiment.

Flow Cytometry Protocols

Flow Cytometry protocols

Discover a selection of Flow Cytometry protocols for direct and indirect staining of cells and blood. We also provide several protocols for intracellular stainings.

Flow Cytometry Tips

Flow Cytometry tips

Ten tips and tricks to help you with the design of multi-color Flow Cytometry panels. From choosing the brightest fluorophores to using tandem dyes when designing panels of eight or more colors.

Intracellular Flow Cytometry Tips

Intracellular Flow Cytometry tips

Tips for the optimization of intracellular Flow Cytometry staining results using Leucoperm™.

Flow Cytometry Controls

Immunohistochemistry controls

An overview of what an isotype control is, when and how to use it and what additional controls to perform in your Flow Cytometry experiments.

Fluorophore Reference Chart

Fluorochrome charts

Detailed information about the excitation and emission maxima of all fluorophores available from Bio-Rad. 

Gating Strategies

Gating Strategies

A guide to common flow cytometry graph outputs and how, in a few simple steps you can identify different cell populations.

Cell Frequencies

Fluorochrome charts

Handy reference tables for human, mouse and rat tissues commonly used in flow cytometry.

Antibody Titration

Antibody Titration

Save money and improve your data with this guide to how and why you should titrate your antibodies.

Antigen Density

Antigen Density

Information and protocols to allow you to calculate antigen density, includes data for common markers used in flow cytometry.

Western Blotting

These resources include an "Introduction to Western Blotting" guide, protocols and an easy to follow Western Blotting video protocol.

Western Blotting Guide

A useful Western Blotting guide covering the core process, troubleshooting, and quantification steps. A great resource to gain a quick overview of this popular laboratory technique.


Western Blotting Protocols

Western Blotting protocols

Learn how to perform the different Western Blotting steps with our protocols and hands-on video showing SDS-PAGE separation of proteins.


Western Blotting Controls

Western Blotting controls

An overview of what a loading control is, why they are crucial and how to select the right loading controls for your Western Blotting experiments.


These resources include an "Introduction to ELISA" guide, protocols, tips, troubleshooting and advice.


ELISA guide

Our "Introduction to ELISA" guide includes basic ELISA procedures, different types of ELISA, detection, results and sensitivity.

ELISA Protocols

ELISA protocols

Protocols for sandwich ELISAs, direct, indirect and competition ELISAs.


ELISA tips

A selection of helpful ELISA tips which include, setting up your ELISA, consistency between wells, advice on buffers, antibodies, coating, samples, blocking and washing.

ELISA Troubleshooting

ELISA troubleshooting

A table of typical ELISA related problems, showing the possible causes, and solutions to achieve successful results.

Immunofluorescence (IF)

These resources include protocols and information about our fluorophore offering.

Immunofluorescence Protocols

Immunofluorescence protocols

View our Immunofluorescence (IF) protocols for cell suspensions.

Immunofluorescence Tips

Immunofluorescence tips

A selection of helpful IF tips which include, microscope compatibility, and fluorophore selection based on quantum yields and photostability.

Fluorophore Reference Chart

Fluorochrome charts

Detailed information about the excitation and emission maxima of all fluorophores available from Bio-Rad. 

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

These include protocols, and tips for IHC staining optimization.

Immunohistochemistry Protocols

Immunohistochemistry protocols

A selection of protocols for performing various Immunohistochemistry techniques ranging from IHC-paraffin to IHC-frozen.

Immunohistochemistry Tips

Immunohistochemistry tips

Tips to help you with the optimization of your Immunohistochemistry experiments. 

Immunohistochemistry Controls

Immunohistochemistry controls

Crucial controls to help you optimize your IHC experiments.

Mastering Immunohistochemistry Staining Experiments Webinar

A webinar overview of the different IHC protocol steps, the most common pitfalls and hands-on tips on how to troubleshoot this complex type of experiment


Immunoprecipitation (IP)

View our Immunoprecipitation resources.

Immunoprecipitation Protocol

Immunoprecipitation protocol

Immunoprecipitation with SureBeads™ Protein A/G Magnetic Beads.