Enhanced online tool, guide, and biomarker expression poster
Now with over 400 markers

Knowing what markers to choose to identify certain cell types can often be a time consuming and confusing process. With this in mind we have developed a range of resources to help you make this choice.

As Immunology antibody specialists, we have combined marker selection alongside practical help and advice:

  • Helping you find the right product, meeting your specificity, application and format requirements
  • Research area and marker specific mini-reviews
  • Application specific help and advice including protocols, guides and tips

Interactive Mouse Immune Cell Marker Database

Our new interactive online tool is easy to use and can help you:

  • Switch between human and mouse markers
  • Look up immune-cell specific markers
  • Choose a cell lineage
  • Examine detailed marker data for over 400 markers
  • Discover immune cell marker expression
  • Find the antibody to your marker

With all this information at your fingertips, you decide how to use it!

Watch our short demo

Highlighting what the tool has to offer and its ease of use.

NEW Biomarker Expression Patterns in Murine Immune Cells

The mouse biomarker expression poster provides a cellular expression profile for over 400 top immune markers.

It is specifically designed to aid researchers in the quick and easy identification of more than 30 immune cell types.

NEW Lineage Biomarkers of Murine Immune System Guide

A guide that simplifies mouse marker selection by compiling all in one place:

  • Development of mature mouse immune cells from their precursors
  • Over 400 signature biomarkers (both CD and non-CD) specific to each immune cell type
  • Experimentally relevant information regarding each marker
  • Antibodies available for each marker

The booklet also includes a biomarker expression patterns grid enabling cell marker identification at a glance.

Mouse Immune Cell Lineage & Antigen Expression Poster

A mouse lineage poster that details markers for each immune cell type to help you make this choice:

  • Simplifies marker selection
  • Easy to follow genealogical design
  • Color coded according to the exact cell types
  • Includes markers for myeloid cells, lymphocytes and stem cells

Download your interactive PDF to directly access antibody data available to these markers.

Working on Human cells?

Find your cell specific markers using our human immune cell lineage and expression guide, posters and interactive database.