Custom Monoclonal Antibody Generation

For both cost and time efficiency HuCAL® phage display technology offers the optimal choice for your next custom monoclonal antibody generation project.

Why Choose HuCAL?

HuCAL technology is fast and flexible, and with a wide range of benefits over traditional antibody development techniques using hybridomas. Bio-Rad offers Fab antibody generations in as little as 8 weeks, with a success rate of over 90%. In addition your project can be enhanced to accommodate a variety of format needs including conversion of Fab antibodies into full-length human and chimeric immunoglobulins.

HuCAL Antibody Technology

Guided Selection Fully in vitro processes allow Bio-Rad to direct specificities toward chosen epitopes and to use a broad range of buffer conditions and antigens
Rapid Production High levels of automation and flexible in vitro methods lead to delivery of HuCAL Fab antibodies in as little as 8 weeks
Animal-Free All HuCAL processes occur in vitro and can include large-scale production under conditions free from animal-derived components
Secure Supply A secure supply of HuCAL antibodies is achieved with the doubly backed up storage system including storage of the DNA sequence of the antibody electronically as well as the DNA plasmid encoding the antibody genes physically 
Flexible Antibody Formats Bio-Rad offers monovalent and bivalent Fab antibodies with a choice of epitope tags, plus further conversion of Fab antibodies into full-length human and chimeric immunoglobulins 
Engineering and Optimization Since the HuCAL library is modular and composed of known DNA sequences, the antibodies can be rapidly optimized for affinity 
Fully Human Antibodies The HuCAL library was constructed de novo using human antibody gene sequences and as a result all HuCAL antibodies are fully human (not humanized)

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