Antibody Resources

Mini-reviews, Educational Summaries, Application Notes, Posters, Online Tools and more

At Bio-Rad we provide a comprehensive range of useful resources to support your research and experiments.

These resources include mini-reviews, webinars, posters, infographics, brochures, and detailed guides for popular applications such as ELISA, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry and Western Blotting. In addition to our resources below, we also provide a high quality technical support service if you need further help or guidance.

Application Resources

Application resources

Protocols, tips, and guides for applications such as ELISA, Flow Cytometry and Western Blotting.



Antibody related mini-reviews, educational articles and application notes.

Product Brochures

Product brochures

Information about our products including technical data and application suitability.

Posters, Pathways, Guides & Interactive Tools

Posters, pathways, guides & interactive tool

Diagrams, posters, pathways and guides, including an interactive cell marker database.

Videos, Webinars and Podcasts

Videos, webinars and podcasts

Browse our library of videos and webinars.

Product information sheets

Product information sheets

Containing helpful tables showing our most popular antibodies for different research areas.