Recombinant Fully-Human Immunoglobulin Isotype Controls

Recombinant Fully-Human Immunoglobulin Isotype Controls

The best negative controls for antibody drug discovery process

Fig1. Quality check by size exclusion chromatography of recombinant human IgG2/kappa

Selecting an appropriate isotype control is crucial in the antibody drug discovery process, as well as for certain diagnostic assays involving human antibodies.

Isotype controls are used as negative controls to differentiate the non-specific background signals initiated by the antibody Fc backbone or other cellular protein interactions, from the target-specific antibody signal.

Quality check of recombinant human IgG2/kappa by SDS-PAGE

Fig2. Quality check of recombinant human IgG2/kappa by SDS-PAGE

The ideal negative controls:

  • must match the species;
  • must match antibody isotype (including light chain) and subclass of the primary antibody used in the assays;
  • do not bind to any cellular target present in the sample.

We offer the most comprehensive list of fully-human recombinant immunoglobulin monoclonal antibodies for use as negative controls in preclinical and in vitro studies.

The recombinant nature ensures the continuity of supply and consistent performance needed for antibodies used in effective clinical trial assay development.

Further advantages

  • Sequence of heavy and light chain known, i.e. full allotype information available
  • Produced in a human cell line, ensuring human glycosylation pattern
  • High purity, comprehensive quality controls
  • Broad collection of human isotypes available, both types of light chains for each isotype
  • IgG4 available both as wildtype as well as point mutant without Fd half molecule exchange 
Immunogen Green fluorescent protein (GFP),  that does not exist in mammalian cells
Source Human antibodies were selected from the HuCAL® phage display library and expressed in a human cell line. The antibody is supplied as a liquid. 
Application tested ELISA

Immunoglobulin Isotype Controls

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