Bio-Rad offers a comprehensive range of quality Cell Biology reagents — including many unique specificities — covering key research areas such as Apoptosis, Cancer Research, Cell Signaling, and Cell Morphology.

Many of our Cell Biology antibodies are conjugated for direct detection, saving you valuable time. Our ISO 9001 reagents have guaranteed performance to specification and are suitable for many applications.

Our range includes antibodies and kits used for studying

Apoptosis & Autophagy Antibodies & Kits -  We’re Dead Serious

Apoptosis research is one of the most investigated areas in Cell Biology.

Visit our new dedicated Apoptosis and Autophagy microsite for comprehensive coverage from extrinsic to intrinsic pathways.

DNA Modifications

Anti-BrdU antibodies are used to determine the incorporation efficiency of the thymidine analog BrdU
(5′-bromo-2′-deoxyuridine) into newly synthesized DNA, providing a readout for cell proliferation rates.

Mouse Anti-BrdU Antibody, clone Bu20a (MCA2483), has been referenced in 11 scientific publications and is supported by flow cytometry and immunocytochemistry protocols and images.


Our range of DNA modification detection antibodies also includes DNA methylation antibodies, oxidative stress polyclonal antibodies, and single-stranded, double-stranded and intercalated DNA monoclonal antibodies.

Epitope and Reporter Protein Tagging

Epitope tag antibodies and reporter protein antibodies are widely and regularly used in Cell Biology, which is why it is vital to find a supplier of high quality, low priced reagents who can supply immediately from stock.

Visit our new microsite detailing our extensive range of high performance great value Epitope Tag and Reporter Protein Antibodies. This range includes V5, His-6 and c-myc tag monoclonal antibodies and for even better economy these popular antibodies are available in bulk.

Cell Signaling

Cell signaling is another key area in cell biology. As part of our large selection of cell signaling antibodies we have a comprehensive 14-3-3 signaling antibody range.

Polyclonal antibodies from our cell signaling range cover all the major 14-3-3 mammalian isoforms including pan-specific and phospho-specific (pSer185 & pSer58) targets. Our cell signaling antibody range also includes a 14-3-3 isoform antibody panel – ideal for determining which 14-3-3 isoform is present in your sample.


Many advances made in defeating cancer have been possible because of exponential growth in cell biology research.

In addition to our cancer marker antibodies, our Cell Biology range provides the tools you need for fundamental cancer studies.

For example, our versatile aurora kinase antibodies for cancer studies.

Aurora kinase monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies provide important investigative tools for cell cycle and cancer studies. These aurora kinase antibodies are used in a wide range of applications including immunostaining of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections.