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Assessing Cell Health – Keeping Your Fingers on the Pulse with BrdU Assays

Presented by: Dr Rachael Preston, Applications Scientist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Our comprehensive library of webinars is designed to inform you of best practices when using antibodies in the following applications:

This library also includes webinars to discover how recombinant antibodies can be generated with high specificity and high affinity, to address challenges in antibody assay development and improve your bioanalytical and anti-drug antibody assays.

You can also listen to leading scientists present their cutting edge research in the areas of vaccine development, animal health, and on new discoveries in veterinary immunology.

Applications Webinars

Flow Cytometry

Introducing StarBright Dyes

In this webinar, we will demonstrate StarBright Dyes’ exceptional brightness, narrow excitation and emission, and stability with high lot-to-lot reproducibility. You will also discover how easily they can fit into your flow cytometry experiments.

Speaker: Mike Blundell PhD, Product Manager at Bio-Rad
Duration: 45 min 

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Flow Shorts – Control Series

The first series of these bite-sized webinars is on the importance of controls. While they can be a chore, performing the right controls for your experiment can make a difference between great and unusable data. Topics covered: viability controls, isotype controls, compensation controls, and other flow controls.

Speaker: Dr Sharon Sanderson, Flow Cytometry Research Associate, Bio-Rad 
Duration: 10 min maximum

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To Boldly Flow 

Gain confidence to start flow cytometry.

Step-by-step guide to starting flow cytometry with useful information and tips to help you plan, execute, and interpret your experiments, ensuring you get the best results. We also demonstrate how the new panel builder tool from Bio-Rad can help you design your experiments, no matter how many colors you plan to use.

Speaker:  Dr Mike Blundell, Product Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 45 min

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Dead or Alive on the ZE5 - Using Flow Cytometry to Measure Apoptosis

Focus on how and when flow cytometry is the most appropriate method to detect apoptosis. We will take you through common assays allowing you to detect different stages of apoptosis, with examples, using the new ZE5 Cell Analyzer from Bio-Rad. Also included are helpful tips to make the most of your apoptosis experiments.

Speaker:  Dr Sharon Sanderson, Flow Cytometry Research Associate, Bio-Rad
Duration: 50 min

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Multicolor Panel Building in Flow Cytometry

Building large flow cytometry panels can be daunting because each additional fluorophore you add to your panel has the potential to influence another fluorophore. Listen to this webinar to learn which fluorophores are compatible with each other, how they interact and can affect your staining, and how to obtain optimal resolution of signal. Furthermore, we will show you how dump channels, fluorophore brightness, antigen density, marker expression patterns, and instrument configuration can all contribute to improving your panel design.

Speaker:  Dr Sebastian Hedlund, Flow Cytometry Specialist, Bio-Rad
Duration: 56 min

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Take Control of Your Flow Cytometry

Careful planning of your flow cytometry experiments and selection of  the appropriate controls will allow you to get the most from your data. This webinar will take you through the essential controls you should perform, whether it is a 4 or 14 color panel, to obtain reproducible results you can trust.

Speaker:  Dr Mike Blundell, Product Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 29 min

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Optimize Your Flow Cytometry

Best practice to prepare single cell suspensions from different sources to have a viable, contamination free sample. We also include staining tips and explain how dead cell and doublet removal can improve your data. 

Speaker:  Dr Mike Blundell, Product Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 56 min

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Fluorescence and Compensation in Flow Cytometry

Find out why fluorophores need compensating and how to avoid unnecessary compensation.

Speaker:  Dr Mike Blundell, Product Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 29 min

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Mastering Immunohistochemistry Staining Experiments

For a basic overview of the different IHC protocol steps (with a focus on sample preparation, reagent selection, antigen retrieval, and antibody staining), the most common pitfalls, and hands-on tips on how to troubleshoot this complex technique.

Speaker:  Dr Judith Langenick, Product Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 57 min

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Complex or Not? - Learn How to Use Immunoprecipitation to Analyze Protein

This webinar provides an overview of the immunoprecipitation (IP) procedure and hands-on-advice on how to design and control IP experiments. Special focus will be placed on helping you select reagents and elution methods for your experiments. We also cover common experimental pitfalls and troubleshooting advice.

Speaker:  Dr Rachael Preston, Development Scientist, Bio-Rad
Duration: 59 min

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Western Blotting

Western Normalization Methods

This webinar covers three popular western blots normalization techniques, guidelines for publishing data using these techniques, and important considerations to obtain meaningful, reliable, and repeatable measurements.

Speaker:  Dr Kenneth Oh, Applications, Collaborations and New Technology Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 46 min

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Generating Semi-Quantitative Western Blot Data Using Bio-Rad's Image Lab 6.0 Software

Step-by-step guide for using Image Lab 6.0 Software for western blot normalization.

Speaker:  Dr Kenneth Oh, Applications, Collaborations and New Technology Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 37 min

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Best Practices for the Best Western Blots

Generating publication-quality western blots requires not just good technique but a thorough understanding of how each step in the workflow can affect data quality and reproducibility. This webinar focuses on decoding each step of the process.

Speaker:  Dr Paul Lui, Product Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 41 min

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Illuminating the Pathway to Confident Western Blot Detection of Phosphorylated Proteins

Detection of phosphorylated proteins by western blotting can be challenging. In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn the important steps to obtain clean western blots of phospho-proteins.

Speaker:  Dr Rachael Preston, Development Scientist. Bio-Rad
Duration: 51 min

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Advancements in Western Blotting Technology: a Western Workflow that Delivers More Precise, Accurate, and Reproducible Results

This webinar explains why the traditional western blotting methodology precludes production of reproducible data, and it defines a simple approach to obtaining truly quantitative results.

Speaker:  Dr Sean Taylor, Field Application Scientist Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 44 min

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Fluorescent Immunoblots and Multiplex Analysis

This webinar will outline protocols for fluorescent immunoblots, focusing on the multiplex analysis of complex samples. We also discuss recent advancements in fluorophores used in western blotting and multiplex image acquisition.

Speaker:  Dr Gary Ross, Proteomics Field Application Scientist, Bio-Rad
Duration:  29 min

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Regulated Cell Death

"A question of Life or Death” - Differentiating between Healthy and Apoptotic Cells

Learn about the different modes and stages of apoptosis and find out about the different antibody applications/assays to use in order to differentiate between healthy and apoptotic cells.

Speaker:  Dr Judith Langenick, Product Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 56 min

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Recombinant Antibodies

The Making of Recombinant Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies for High Performance in Bioanalytical Assays

Learn how Bio-Rad develops highly specific, high affinity recombinant monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies ideal for use in PK and ADA assays.

Speaker:  Dr Christian Frisch, R&D Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 37 min

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Optimize Your Assays Using Recombinant Antibodies Selected for Desired Affinity

Learn how recombinant monoclonal antibodies are created using the sophisticated HuCAL® antibody library and proprietary phage display technology. We highlight how off-rate measurement can be introduced as part of the high-throughput antibody generation process. This enables affinity ranking of antibody candidates and selection of antibodies for optimal assay sensitivity. Further antibody optimization using affinity maturation processes is also explained.

Speaker:  Dr Francisco Ylera, Scientist, Bio-Rad
Duration: 27 min

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Generation of High-Affinity Recombinant Antibodies for Immuno-MRM

This webinar summarises a feasibility study to discover whether recombinant anti-peptide antibodies generated using the HuCAL antibody library and phage display technology are suitable for immunoaffinity enrichment of peptides coupled to targeted MRM.

Speaker:  Dr Christian Frisch, R&D Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 33 min

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Human Recombinant Antibodies as Positive Controls and Calibrators

Find out how Bio-Rad uses the HuCAL antibody library and phage display technology, to generate fully human, recombinant monoclonal antibodies with desired specificity and tailored isotype, as an alternative to human sera. 

Speaker:  Dr Achim Knappik, Group R&D Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 32 min

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How to Overcome Assay Challenges Using Custom Recombinant Antibodies

The webinar describes how we use the HuCAL antibody library and phage display technology to overcome the limitations of traditional animal antibody generation methods, resulting in recombinant antibodies

Speaker:  Dr Michael Schwemmlein, Technical Sales Manager, Bio-Rad.
Duration: 36 min

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How to Improve Your Antibody Drug Development Assays with Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

Discover how recombinant monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies are generated at Bio-Rad, and how they can be used to develop highly specific and sensitive PK and ADA assays. The data is presented to show development of antibodies binding specifically and with high affinity to well-known drugs, such as adalimumab, trastuzumab and cetuximab, plus we explain our unique capability for developing antibodies against drug-target complexes.

Speaker:  Dr Christian Frisch, R&D Manager, Bio-Rad
Duration: 31 min

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Veterinary Research

Measuring Adaptive and Innate Immune Responses in Ruminants

Researchers at the Moredun Research Institute and The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh have been collaborating on a project specifically to develop and characterize immunological reagents for cattle and sheep to underpin vaccine research. The advances made on the characterization of myeloid cell subsets in peripheral blood and methods to identify CD4+ve T cells that produce IL-17 are focused on in detail.

Speaker:  Prof Gary Entrican, Principal Research Scientist at the Moredun Research Institute
Duration: 55 min

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Porcine CD4-positive T Lymphocytes and their antigen-specific immune response

Find out how researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna are elucidating the intricacies of the porcine CD4+ T cell immune response. The focus is on discoveries made on the characterization and function of T cell subsets with emphasis on CD4+ regulatory T cells (Tregs), IL-17A-producing TH17 cells, TH1 cells, and the role of CD27 in defining memory T cells.

Speaker:  Prof Armin Saalmuller, Head of the Dept of Pathobiology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria
Duration: 44 min

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CSF1, CSF1R, and Control of Macrophage Differentiation

Professor Hume is an international authority in genome sciences, with a particular focus on the function of macrophages and their role in infection, inflammatory disease and cancer. This webinar focuses on CSF1, CSF1R and their control of macrophage differentiation.

Speaker:  Prof David Hume, Institute Director, the Roslin Institute
Duration: 46 min

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