Fluorescent Spectra viewer

Fluorescence Spectraviewer

Interactive flow cytometry, microscopy and western blot spectraviewer

Find the right fluorophore for your application using our new interactive, fluorescence spectraviewer with hundreds of fluorophores to choose from.

Fluorescent Spectraviewer - Interactive flow cytometry, microscopy and western blot spectraviewerBio-Rad’s new spectraviewer is the only spectraviewer to allow a multi-laser view and support 3 applications in a single tool.

  • Supports flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, and western blotting
  • Displays the excitation and emission profiles of the fluorophores available to you,  essential when building multicolor panels for flow cytometry
  • Allows full customization: select any fluorophore, laser, and filter combination
  • Provides more information than any other spectraviewers: the traditional view, showing the fluorescence spectra, is complemented by the multi-laser view visualizing the spillover and cross-laser excitation and emission
  • Saves time with the pre-loaded Bio-Rad instrument settings

The ability to view in a multi-laser format allows you to check fluorophore compatibility, including potential issues due to cross-laser excitation, and predict compensation.

Bio-Rad has over 4,000 antibodies validated for flow cytometry as well as helpful resources to guide you through your flow cytometry experiments. These resources as well as listings of antibodies, kits and controls can be accessed from our dedicated flow cytometry page or by clicking on the links below.

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