Veterinary Disease Antibodies

Veterinary disease research focuses on factors that impact the health of livestock, domestic, and wild animals.

It includes the study of disease causing agents, the assessment of disease progression, the evaluation of animal immune responses, and careful monitoring of the cross-over between animal diseases and human health

To support this important research focus, Bio-Rad offers a comprehensive array of antibodies and recombinant proteins that can be used in the study of animal diseases and to monitor animal health. Key specificities include CD markers and MHC markers for characterizing cells of the immune system, various early and late cytokines for monitoring disease progression and prognosis, and infectious agent antibodies for monitoring viral and bacterial pathogens.

Follow the links below for highlights of our veterinary immunology and veterinary disease antibodies. All of our antibodies are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are performance guaranteed for the applications listed on the detailed datasheets.

Specific Disease Antibody Ranges

Below are links to individual antibody ranges that target the most common veterinary diseases.

Alternatively feel free to browse our full Microbiology range.