Antibody Manufacturing Tools

Antibody Manufacturing Tools

In addition to high quality antibody products and custom services, Bio-Rad also provides kits and reagents to facilitate antibody production, purification and conjugation in your laboratory.

Antibody Manufacturing Tools

Antibody Isotyping

Determine the isotypes of mouse or rat antibodies in 10 min

Antibody Production

Effectively eradicate the mycoplasma contamination with a week of treatment

Antibody Purification

Innovative spin columns for fast and efficient purification of antibodies

Antibody Conjugation

Fast, simple and 100% recovery of conjugated antibodies to a broad range of enzymes and fluorophores

Endotoxin Removal

Rapid removal of endotoxin in less than an hour 


Ready-to-use optimized cryo-preservation medium

Assay Development

Buffers and reagents for ELISA, Western blotting, flow cytometry applications