Buffers, Reagents and Sera

Buffers, Reagents and Sera

Rapid cell permeabilization - Leucoperm™

Leucoperm™ is an easy to use reagent for rapid cell fixation and permeabilization for the detection of intracellular antigens in flow cytometry techniques. This popular reagent is available in a range of cost effective sizes and comes with excellent supporting data.

Blocking Buffers for ELISA and Western Blotting

Our highly effective blocking and washing buffers improve your results in ELISA and western blotting techniques. These products are easy to use and offer reliable consistent formulation. Learn more about the best blocking reagents.

Measuring Cellular Proliferation - alamarBlue®

alamarBlue® provides quantitative measurement of cell proliferation. It is an indicator dye which is non-toxic to cells and can be used on human and animal cell lines, bacteria, and fungi. Its simple REDOX indicator yields a colorimetric change and fluorescent signal in response to cellular metabolic activity. Why not try it today!

Rodent Isotyping Kits

Our rapid mouse and rat isotyping kits give fast and accurate results in less than 10 minutes. With a single isotyping strip,  this dipstick technology contains all the required reagents necessary to test antibodies without the need for instrumentation. All classes of mouse and rat immunoglobulin can be determined. 

Mycoplasma Removal Agent

Our Mycoplasma Removal Agent (MRA) safely and effectively eliminates the majority of Mycoplasma species in cell cultures, without interfering with the viability or function of cells in the culture when used as directed.

In addition to our outstanding catalog of antibodies for research use, we offer a wide range of useful buffers, reagents, and accessory products: