Mastering IHC staining experiments

Veterinary Antibodies and Reagents

Bio-Rad is dedicated to empowering veterinary scientists in their quest to advance the understanding of immunology through outstanding research that leads to new discoveries and the excitement and rewards this brings.

Specificity and performance are of equal importance in the production of our antibodies for veterinary research. Our aim is to contribute to your scientific excellence with veterinary products that more than meet your expectations. Performance is guaranteed for the applications stated. We test for cross-reactivity between species where possible, and welcome customer cross-reactivity and applications data for our antibodies.

Through a combination of in-house product development and collaboration with global leaders in veterinary research Bio-Rad brings reagents to market that enable scientists to investigate the activation and regulation of the immune system. Our customers’ research benefits the agricultural sector and the general public through improved animal welfare, animal production and food security.