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Western Blotting

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Western Blot Detection of Tissue LysatesWestern Blot Detection of Tissue Lysates

Western Blotting Protocol Western Blotting Protocol

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Best practices for the Best Western Blots Best practices for the Best Western Blots Webinar

Western blotting, also known as immunoblotting or protein blotting, is a core technique in cell and molecular biology. In most basic terms, it is used to detect the presence of a specific protein in a complex mixture extracted from cells or tissue.

Our introduction to western blotting guide provides in depth, step by step information on this ubiquitous technique. Also available is our Western Blot Doctor™, a self-help guide to identify and troubleshoot western blotting problems.

Multiplexing fluorescent western blotting enables multiple proteins to be detected and quantified in a single sample with highly specific and sensitive fluorescent antibodies. Thereby enabling direct protein abundance comparisons and normalization against a control, for instance a housekeeping gene, which is more accurate, easier and time saving as you will no longer have to strip and re-probe. It also preserves your precious sample too. Discover how Bio-Rad StarBright™ Blue 700 Secondary Antibodies and ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System can aid your fluorescent multiplexing.

Western Blotting Workflow

Western workflow streamlines the protocol, increasing accuracy and reliability by incorporating innovative tools throughout.

Learn more about the western workflow.

NEW Products for Western Blotting

PrecisionAb™ Western Blotting Primary Antibodies

PrecisionAb™ Western Blotting Primary Antibodies

Reproducibility at your fingertips.

NEW Fluorescent Western Blotting Antibodies

NEW Fluorescent Western Blotting Antibodies

Multiplex Western Blotting made easy.

ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System

ChemiDoc™ Touch Imaging System

Fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection without compromises.

Clarity™ and Clarity Max™ Western ECL Blotting Substrates

Clarity family of ECL substrates provides high performance for all your western chemiluminescence needs.