Flow cytometry is a powerful tool for measuring the properties of single cells or particles and has a wide range of applications in research and diagnostics. The basic principle is to pass cells through a narrow fluidic stream, illuminating individual cells with a laser light as they pass through. The pattern of how light is scattered after it hits each cell reveals cellular properties such as size, shape, viability, and the presence of fluorescently-tagged proteins of interest.

In this section, we have brought together our collective knowledge and experience for you to utilize so that you can achieve success in your own experiments. From educational articles and protocols to webinars, posters, and essential tools, our Flow Cytometry Explained Knowledge Hub is the only place you need to visit to find your essential flow cytometry resources.

As well as the comprehensive set of resources here, which includes the essential Introduction to Flow Cytometry Guide, Bio-Rad is on hand with technical support for any queries requiring an extra level of expertise.

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Antibody Performance Guarantee

Antibody Performance Guarantee

Bio-Rad offers a performance guarantee in key immunological applications including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, immunoassays, western blotting, and immunofluorescence.

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