Find an Antibody with A.I.den

Bio-Rad believes that finding the right antibody for your experiments should be as easy as possible. You shouldn’t need to scroll through multiple pages to determine whether an antibody is suitable for your desired application, or comes in the required format.

A.I.den, our smart antibody search engine, has been designed with scientists, for scientists. Powered by the latest in artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, it is the only antibody search engine that gets smarter with use, enabling you to find what you need, as fast as possible.  Our one click solution also finds resources (such as mini-reviews, protocols, and webinars) and related blogs to support your experimental design, as well as the available products matching your search criteria.

Unlike other antibody searches, A.I.den is continuously evolving as its machine learning capabilities expand with use. Plus A.I.den can correct for common typos and handles even complicated search queries like “CD4 antibody for flow cytometry.

Learn More about A.I.den in Our Video