Build the Best Panels with the Brightest and Biggest Range of Dyes

StarBright Dyes are Bio-Rad’s range of exceptionally bright fluorescent dyes with narrow excitation and emission profiles. Fixable with minimal lot-to-lot variation, and no requirement for a special staining buffer, they can be used in any flow cytometry panel. Listen to the webinars below to discover the benefits of StarBright Dyes and how they could improve your flow cytometry experiments.

Webinar - Introducing StarBright Dyes

Introducing StarBright Dyes

In this webinar, we demonstrate StarBright Dyes’ exceptional brightness, narrow excitation and emission, and stability with high lot-to-lot reproducibility. You will also discover how easily they can fit into your flow cytometry experiments.

Speaker: Mike Blundell PhD, Product Manager at Bio-Rad
Duration: 45 min 


Webinar - Expand Your Spectral Flow Cytometry Knowledge and Panel Size

Expand Your Spectral Flow Cytometry Knowledge and Panel Size

Full spectrum flow cytometry is becoming increasingly popular as it offers novel fluorescent dye combinations, improving flexibility and increasing multicolor panel size. This webinar explains the differences between spectral and conventional flow cytometry and considers the best practice for spectral flow cytometry. We also demonstrate that Bio-Rad’s new StarBright Dyes’ unique spectral profiles enable novel dye combinations and the creation of larger panels in spectral flow cytometry.

Speaker: Andres Ramirez PhD, Flow Cytometry Specialist at Bio-Rad
Duration: 60 min