The Bio-Rad bovine research antibody range offers monoclonal bovine antibodies, ELISAs and recombinant proteins to enable researchers to study immune responses in cattle.

A thorough understanding of the bovine immune response is critical for assessing the general health of cattle and measuring the impact of various diseases, particularly those that affect meat and milk production.

Our bovine antibodies are available with a selection of fluorescent labels suitable for many applications. Each is performance guaranteed and suitable across a range of techniques including flow cytometry, Western blotting and ELISA.

Bovine Immune Cell Biomarker Poster

Bovine Immune Cell Biomarker Poster

Biomarker expression chart listing key cell surface markers expressed on cattle leukocytes, a guide to aid defining bovine immune cell populations.

Identifying the Immunological Correlates of Protection in Ruminants

Read how researchers at the Moredun Research Institute and The Roslin Institute are collaborating on a project to develop and characterize immunological reagents for cattle and sheep

Review: The role of Cytokines in Bovine Tuberculosis

Review: the role of cytokines in bovine tuberculosis Read more about the role of cytokines in bovine tuberculosis in a review article written by Shelley Rhodes, Member of the TB Research Group and IFNy Test Consultant, Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency.

Harnessing & Directing the Bovine Innate Immune System: Importance of TLRs

Review: bovine innate immune system: the importance of TLRs Find out more about the bovine toll-like receptor family and our current knowledge about signalling mechanisms in this article written by Professor Dirk Werling, Royal Veterinary College, UK.