Reagents for Veterinary Cytokine Research

Measuring bovine IL-17A in ELISA

Recombinant bovine IL-17A (PBP025) captured with rabbit anti-ovine IL-17A (AHP2376) and detected using rabbit anti-bovine IL-17A:Biotin (AHP2376B).

Cytokines are short proteins secreted by immune function cells that serve to facilitate communication between cells. Cytokine is a wide reaching description term encompassing several types of cell signaling messengers:

  • Lymphokine – a cytokine produced by lymphocytes
  • Monokine – a cytokine derived  from monocytes
  • Interleukin – a cytokine expressed by one leukocyte targeted at other leukocytes
  • Chemokine – a cytokine inducing chemotaxis

Cytokines can be produced by T cells, B cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, and mast cells as well as by non-immune system cells such as fibroblasts and endothelial cells. They carry out functions ranging from immune defence responses in infection and cancer to neurodevelopment. However, their key role lies in regulating hematopoiesis immunity, and inflammation.

Veterinary cytokine products to enable research into veterinary immunology

Bio-Rad supplies a range of veterinary cytokine products to enable research into veterinary immunology.

Select the cytokine and protein standard combinations you need:

Bovine IFN-gamma assays

For bovine IFN-gamma assays, use our convenient and easy-to-use kit complete with qualified reagents and validated protocols for reproducible results.

  • Wide dynamic range 0.025-50 ng/ml of bovine IFN-gamma measurement
  • Validated for serum, plasma and culture supernatant
  • Antibodies, standard, buffers and plates for 480 tests

For a look at the background to bovine IFN-gamma and other cytokines in relation to testing for bovine tuberculosis update your knowledge with this article.

If you are at the planning stage of your veterinary cytokine experiments, have a look at our introductory ELISA guideELISA hints and ELISA troubleshooting advice before putting together your final ELISA protocols. These resources will enable you to optimize your results. If you are looking for cell surface markers or veterinary antibodies to other species, search here.