Rabbit Cell Surface and CD Marker Antibodies

Rabbit CD11b

  Rabbit granulocytes: CD11b flow cytometry. Staining of rabbit peripheral blood granulocytes with mouse anti-rabbit CD11b (MCA802).  

The Bio-Rad anti-rabbit surface marker antibody range includes monoclonal antibodies for identifying rabbit T and B cells. These anti-rabbit cell marker antibodies are supplemented by antibodies to rabbit MHC class I and II. Innate immune cells can be stained with validated cross-reactive antibodies specific for rabbit.

Important immunology markers, directly reactive to rabbit CD markers are:

  • CD4 and CD8 to distinguish between rabbit T helper and cytotoxic T cells
  • CD45 to stain rabbit leukocytes
  • CD11b to identify granulocytes

The rabbit CD markers can be used in flow cytometry and many are also validated for immunohistochemistry, and immunoprecipitation; all backed up by peer reviewed publication data.

Our Rabbit Cell Surface and CD Marker Antibody Range

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