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CSF1, CSF1R and control of macrophage differentiation

Does your research revolve around the role macrophages play in health and disease?

Do you seek to better understand macrophage differentiation?

Do you need to identify macrophages in a multi-species setting?

Professor Hume is an international authority in genome sciences, with a particular focus on the function of macrophages and their role in infection, inflammatory disease and cancer. His current research exploits the opportunities of the Roslin Institute, a multidisciplinary animal sciences institute, to explore comparative aspects of macrophage differentiation, function, and the roles various factors have on that process. This webinar was focused on CSF1, CSF1R and their control of macrophage differentiation.

This talk was of immense interest to researchers seeking to further their knowledge on:

  • Pig, chicken, and mouse macrophages,
  • Function of CSF1 and CSF1R in differentiation
  • New capabilities to study macrophages

Webinar: CSF1, CSF1R and control of macrophage differentiation

Presented by: Prof David Hume, The Roslin Institute

Prof David Hume, Director of The Roslin Institute

Speaker Biography:

Professor David Hume was the Director of The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh and Research Director of the Royal School of Veterinary Studies from 2007 to 2017. His previous role was Director of the ARC Special Research Centre for Functional and Applied Genomics at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland.