Porcine Immunoglobulin Antibodies

We offer a range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against porcine immunoglobulins, guaranteed for a range of applications, including detection of immunoglobulin-containing cells in tissue sections, detection of immunoglobulin in serum, and quantitation of surface membrane immunoglobulin-bearing cells in peripheral blood.

Anti-porcine immunoglobulin antibodies enable isotype-specific detection of antibodies against various porcine viruses and facilitate the study of the porcine immune system.

Popular Antibodies to Pig Immunoglobulins

    DescriptionSpecificityTargetFormatHostIsotypeClone Applications Citations Product Type Code Validation Types

    Testing for Classical Swine Fever

    The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) supports member countries to improve methods used to control and eradicate animal diseases and prepares protocols for use in collaborating centres and reference laboratories across the world.

    In the management of classical swine fever, laboratory tests are required to detect antibodies or the virus itself. The OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines describes serological tests, including a neutralizing peroxidase-linked assay, which recommends the use of an anti-porcine IgG conjugated to HRP.

    Bio-Rad offers goat anti-porcine IgG directly labelled to HRP suitable for this assay, product code AAI41P