Veterinary Antibodies and Reagents

Canine Dual & Triple Specificity Flow Cytometry Kits

Flow analysis of TC014

Fig 1. Flow analysis of TC014 

Our canine dual and triple specificity antibody kits allow rapid profiling of canine T lymphocytes. The antibody cocktails are supplied pre-mixed in optimized ratios for added convenience. 

Clone CA17.2A12 recognises canine CD3, which is expressed by T lymphocytes. Clone YKIX 302.9 recognises canine CD4, which is expressed by lymphocyte subsets and canine neutrophils. Clone YCATE 55.9 recognises CD8 alpha, which is expressed by cytotoxic T cells.

The dual color specificity kit contains FITC and RPE conjugated monoclonal antibodies mixed in optimal ratio and lyophilized. The triple color specificity kit consists of FITC, RPE, Alexa Fluor® 647 conjugated monoclonal antibodies.

Figure 1: Flow analysis of canine blood using the triple color staining kit for CD3, CD4 and CD8 (TC014). The result is represented as a dot plot after gating the CD3-positive population. As expected, there are clear defined populations for CD3+CD4+ cells and CD3+CD8+ cells.

Canine CD3, CD4 and CD8 Flow Cytometry Reagents

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