Chicken Cytokine Antibodies and Proteins

Cytokines are regulatory proteins that act as intercellular communication signals in a variety of processes including tissue repair, stress, hematopoiesis, inflammation, immunity and embryonic development. They play a complex and essential role in the control of inflammatory responses and specific immune responses to infectious diseases.

Elucidation of the role of immunoregulatory cytokines in the chicken aids our understanding of the chicken’s immune response to challenges from invading pathogens. Measurement of chicken cytokines can be used to monitor disease progression and prognosis. A greater understanding of the inflammatory mediators involved will accelerate progress towards solutions for disease treatment and prevention.

Additional chicken cytokine antibodies and recombinant proteins are in development, see New Antibodies for Veterinary Research for the latest new products, pack sizes and formats.

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Chicken Antibodies to Cytokines and Chicken Cytokine Recombinant Proteins

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