Matched Antibody Pairs for Bovine Cytokine ELISA

Cytokines act as intracellular communication signals in a variety of processes including hematopoiesis, inflammation, immunity, and embryonic development. Measured in cattle sera, plasma and cell culture supernatants they monitor response to vaccination or diseases, such as tuberculosis and mastitis.

We have tested our anti-cytokine antibodies for use in sandwich ELISA applications, and recommend antibodies that work well as a matched pair. We also offer recombinant bovine cytokines as controls and for generation of a standard curve in the ELISA protocol. See the table below for our matched cytokine pairs.  The interferon gamma antibodies are also available as a convenient ELISA kit.

Bovine Cytokine Antibody Pairs for ELISA

Specificity & Format Format Clone
IFN alpha A (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IFN alpha A (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IFN beta (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IFN beta (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IFN gamma (capture) Purified CC330
IFN gamma (detection) Biotin CC302
IL-1 alpha(capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-1 alpha (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IL-1F5 (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-1F5 (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IL-1RA (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-1RA (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IL-4 (capture) Purified CC313
IL-4 (detection) Biotin CC314
IL-6 (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-6 (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IL-10 (capture) Purified CC318
IL-10 (detection) Biotin CC320
IL-13 (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-13 (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IL-15 (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-15 (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IL-17A (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-17A (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
IL-21 (capture) Purified Polyclonal
IL-21 (detection) Biotin Polyclonal
TNF-alpha (capture) Purified CC327
TNF-alpha (detection) Biotin CC328
TNF alpha (capture) Purified Polyclonal
TNF alpha (detection Biotin Polyclonal

Additional Bovine Cytokine Antibodies

Specificity & Format Clone Applications
GM-CSF Purified CC305 E, WB
IFN gamma Purified 7B6 F, P, WB
IL-4 Purified CC303 E, F
IL-4 R-PE CC303 F
*IL-1 beta Purified 1D4 C, E, F, WB
*IL-8 Purified 8M6 E, F, WB
IL-12 Purified CC301 E, ES, F, FN, WB
IL-12 Azide Free CC326 E, F, FN
IL-12 Biotin CC326 E, F
*TGF-beta 1D11 E, FN, P

Key to Applications: C immunohistology – frozen, E ELISA, ES ELISpot, F flow cytometry, FN functional assays, P immunohistology – paraffin, WB Western blotting

* Species cross reactivity demonstrated