Horse Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins

To support our researchers studying the equine immune response, we provide cell surface markers for analyzing and enumerating key lymphocyte subsets, as well as reagents specific for myeloid cells, platelets and adhesion molecules. Our cell surface markers are complemented by antibodies against horse immunoglobulins and several important cytokines.

Many of our horse immunological reagents have been raised directly against horse targets, while others have been qualified for use on horse cells.

All of our antibodies are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are performance guaranteed for the applications listed on the detailed datasheets.

Equine Cell Surface Markers

Key horse cell surface markers against T lymphocytes include: CD2 (MCA1278), CD4, CD5 (MCA1079GA), and CD8. Myeloid cells, such as granulocytes and monocytes, can be revealed with CD13, while CD44 (MCA1082GA) is a pan equine leukocyte marker. Bio-Rad also supplies antibodies recognizing horse MHC Class I (MCA1086GA) and Class II (MCA1085GA).