TidyBlot:HRP Conjugated Western Blot Detection Reagent

Solve 2 WB Problems with 1 Vial of TidyBlot

TidyBlot (STAR209P, STAR209PA) HRP conjugated Western Blot Detection Reagent offers key benefits over standard heavy and light chain secondary antibodies.


TidyBlot's Performance

Unlike secondary antibodies, TidyBlot Reagent specifically binds to native (non-reduced) antibodies, enabling the detection of immunoblotted target protein bands, without the interference from denatured IgG.

Sources of denatured IgG include endogenous IgGs present in cell/tissue lysates (for instance in spleen and liver samples;
problem 1) and primary antibodies released from beads during immunoprecipitation experiments (problem 2). The latter are particularly obstructive when western blot detection of (co-)immunoprecipitated proteins is desired, as IgG heavy (~50 kDa) and light chains (~25 kDa) may mask the protein(s) of interest.


TidyBlot's Benefits over Heavy and Light Chain Secondary Antibodies:

  • Detects only what matters – TidyBlot exclusively binds to native non-denatured antibodies and not to any IgGs present in your immunoprecipitate or lysate. Avoids obstruction by IgG heavy and light chains and produces background free western blots

  • Convenience – just substitute your conventional secondary antibody for TidyBlot

  • Versatility and broad species coverage – detects a variety of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. No need to buy several HRP conjugated secondary antibodies