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TidyBlot - Western blot detection reagent

Detect Your Protein of Interest Without Interference from IgG Chains

TidyBlot HRP conjugated Western Blot Detection Reagent offers key benefits over standard heavy and light chain secondary antibodies.

  • Detects only what matters – TidyBlot exclusively binds to native non-denatured antibodies and not to any IgGs present in your immunoprecipitate or lysate. Avoids obstruction by IgG heavy and light chains and produces background free western blots

  • Convenience – just substitute your conventional secondary antibody for TidyBlot

  • Versatility and broad species coverage – detects a variety of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. No need to buy several HRP conjugated secondary antibodies. TidyBlot does it all!

Try it now with the new trial size (50 µl, STAR209PT) - generates 2 blots 

Detect Your Protein of Interest Without Interference from IgG Chains

Comparison of PCNA detection in mouse thymus lysate using (A) Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H/L) or (B) TidyBlot Reagent (#STAR209) as secondary detection reagents.

What does the research community say about TidyBlot??

Bio-Rad customers are successfully using TidyBlot to obtain high quality, publishable western blotting data. For example, Dr Inoue S. from Keio University School of Medicine in Japan has found TidyBlot extremely valuable when performing western blots of immunoprecipitation (IP) samples (Inoue et al 2019).
TidyBlot is very useful, and we highly recommend it. It helps mitigate masking from IgG heavy and light chains. It is basically compatible with multiple hosts, and therefore has the potential to save time and money

Watch the IP procedure workflow video


  • Inoue S et al. (2019). Drebrin-like (Dbnl) Controls Neuronal Migration via Regulating N-Cadherin Expression in the Developing Cerebral Cortex. J Neurosci. Jan;39(4):678-691.