Tips and Tricks for your Immunohistochemistry Experiments

IHC webinar:
“Mastering IHC staining experiments”

Presented by: Dr Judith Langenick (Product Manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories)

Immunohistochemistry - Tips and hints for your experiments

Immunohistochemistry - Paraffin Tips & Tricks


The “IHC-paraffin tips and tricks guide” provides a general overview of how to perform immunohistochemistry-paraffin staining experiments and the different protocol steps involved.

The guide also includes background information on the technique and hands-on-advice on the optimization of individual protocol steps; special focus is placed on antigen retrieval, primary and secondary antibody selection, counterstains and mounting of coverslips.

This guide is helpful to IHC novices and more advanced researchers who are looking for tips and suggestions regarding the improvement of individual protocol steps.