Webinar: Optimize your Assays using Recombinant Antibodies Selected for Desired Affinity

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The performance of an antibody in an assay often correlates with its affinity to the antigen. The ability to select specifically for antibodies on the basis of binding strength is therefore an important element of antibody assay development.

In this webinar we describe how recombinant monoclonal antibodies are created using the sophisticated HuCAL® antibody library and proprietary phage display technology. We highlight how off-rate measurement can be introduced as part of the high-throughput antibody generation process. This enables affinity ranking of antibody candidates and selection of antibodies for optimal assay sensitivity. Further antibody optimization using affinity maturation processes will also be explained.

Webinar: Optimize your assays using recombinant antibodies selected for desired affinity

Presented by: Dr Francisco Ylera, R&D Team Leader, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Speaker Biography:

Francisco Ylera is R&D Team Leader and works on antibody generation and characterization. He studied chemistry at the RWTH Aachen (Germany), followed by a Ph.D. on the selection of aptamers in the group of Prof. Erdmann at the FU Berlin (Germany). As a postdoc he worked on anti-cancer antibodies at the Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA). He has been at Bio-Rad since 2004, where he runs the antibody in vitro selections and manages internal R&D projects.