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An experienced group of technical advisors is available here to assist with questions regarding custom HuCAL monoclonal antibodies and their use in a wide range of applications. For help with HuCAL generated catalog antibodies and secondary reagents, contact your local Bio-Rad technical support team.

Browse our technical and application related resources below to learn more about HuCAL monoclonal antibodies and how to detect them in various assays. To learn more about the assay specific advantages of our flexible antibody formats, click here.

Technical Resources

Detection of HuCAL Monoclonal Antibodies

HuCAL antibodies can be detected in several ways, depending on the specific format of the HuCAL FAb antibody and the application of interest.

  • Detection of the Fab scaffold

Since HuCAL monoclonal antibodies are human Fab molecules, they can be detected by antisera against human IgG F(ab’)2 preparations.

  • Detection of embedded epitope tags

HuCAL antibodies are usually equipped with one or two epitope tags genetically fused to the
C-terminus of the antibody heavy chain. These can be detected using commercially available anti-tag antibodies, such as His-6, V5, and Strep-tag® from Bio-Rad.

  • Detection of alkaline phosphatase fusion partner

In some cases bivalent Fab antibodies are generated by genetic fusion of bacterial alkaline phosphatase, which is a homo-dimer. The addition of this enzyme allows for direct detection of alkaline phosphatase activity.

HuCAL Protocols and Recommended Secondary Antibodies

Application Protocol Recommended Secondary Antibodies
Western Blotting   HRP conjugates for Western Blotting
ELISA Protocol HRP, biotin, and AP conjugates for ELISA
Immunohistochemistry   Secondary antibodies for immunohistochemistry
Flow Cytometry Protocol Secondary antibodies for flow cytometry
Immunofluorescence Protocol Secondary antibodies for immunofluorescence

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