HuCAL® Antibody Technology

HuCAL Antibody Technology is a unique and innovative method for the in vitro generation of highly-specific, fully human monoclonal antibodies. This flexible and powerful technology is based upon two important cornerstones, the Human Combinatorial Antibody Library (HuCAL) and our advanced CysDisplay® method of phage display.

HuCAL PLATINUM® – 45 billion antibodies

The HuCAL PLATINUM phage library contains more than 45 billion functional human antibody specificities already prefabricated in an engineered Fab format. It has been optimized to increase the diversity of selected antibodies and the expression yield of candidate antibodies.

In the HuCAL PLATINUM library, the structural diversity of the human antibody repertoire is represented by 7 heavy chain and 6 light chain variable region genes which give rise to 42 frameworks in the master library. These are combined with highly diversified complementarity determining regions (CDRs), synthesized using TRIM technology, to create a system that mimics the human antibody repertoire in vitro.


CysDisplay® – high-affinity antibodies

CysDisplay is a novel and proprietary phage display method that allows for the selection of high affinity antibodies which are expressed on the surface of filamentous phage.

It combines traditional monovalent phage display with a cleavable disulfide bond between the antibody and the phage (see figure below). This allows efficient elution of all the captured phage particles in a manner that is independent of the antibody binding affinity to the antigen. Thus, all phage displaying specific binders can be evaluated without a bias against those with high affinity. CysDisplay is an automated process providing fast high-throughput antibody selections.


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