The best known mouse microglia and macrophage marker

F4/80 antibody - clone CI:A3-1 (MCA497), is a well-characterized and extensively referenced mouse macrophage marker. Also known as Ly71 and EMR1, the F4/80 antigen is part of the EGF-TM7 family, it is a 160 kDa glycoprotein that shares 68% amino acid identity with human EGF-like module-containing mucin-like hormone receptor-like 1 (EMR1).

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F4/80 antigen is a mature mouse cell surface glycoprotein expressed at high levels on various macrophages including: Kupffer cells, splenic red pulp macrophages, microglia, gut lamina propria, and Langerhans cells in the skin. F4/80 antigen is also expressed on the macrophages of the connective tissue, heart, kidney, reproductive, and neuroendocrine systems. 

Did you know?

F4/80 antibody (MCA497, clone CI:A3-1) is the original and the best:

  • High specificity - shown to be highly targeted for all mouse macrophages
  • Added versatility for microglial cells - unlike many other macrophage markers F4/80 is present on microglia which makes it perfect for detecting and isolating these cells in neurological research
  • Original with pedigree - the anti F4/80 antibody is derived from Clone CI:A3, this clone is the original anti F4/80 antigen with an established heritage going back to 1981 when data was first published. Since then there have been hundreds of citations, with over 900 listed on CiteAb

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Flow Cytometry
Alexa Fluor ® dyes
StarBright™ Dyes
Low endotoxin
Pacific blue™
Amethyst Orange

*For IHC paraffin sections antigen retrieval techniques are recommended to achieve optimum IHC staining for F4/80. The F4/80 antigen can be masked by prolonged formalin-fixation and the paraffin-embedding process.

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