CD205: Relevant in Antigen Presentation, Apoptosis, and Tolerance


CD205, previously known as DEC-205, is a C-type lectin that belongs to the family of macrophage mannose receptors (MMR). In humans, it is highly expressed on myeloid blood dendritic cells (DC) and monocytes; at medium levels on B cells and low levels on NK cells, plasmatoid DC and T cells. Cortical epithelial cells also express CD205. Mice have a narrower CD205 expression profile on leukocytes. Furthermore, expression is higher on mature DC; having carried out an endocytic function on immature DC. While the precise ligand for CD205 has not been defined yet, it has been established that it is a receptor for dying cells, a function that may be important in thymic and peripheral tolerance.


In addition to anti human and mouse CD205, Bio-Rad offers bovine specific CD205 (MCA1651, clone CC98). FITC labelled antibody is available for flow work. For immunoprecipitation and staining frozen sections a purified version is available. Anti-CD205 antibodies produced by clone CC98 are also able to reveal CD205 on sheep leukocytes.

Below is a full filterable list of the CD205 antibodies that we stock within our range. If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch.

CD205 Antibodies

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