Neurons are the backbone of the central and peripheral nervous systems. They originate from neural stem cells (NSCs), and are electrically excitable cells which play a key role in detecting, processing, and transmitting information around the body and brain.

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Astrocyte Antibodies

Astrocytes have a pivotal function in the process of scarring and repair following brain and spinal cord injury as well as providing supporting nutrients to surrounding nervous tissues. Some of the widely used astrocyte markers can be seen below:

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Microglia Antibodies

Microglia cells are the main form of immune defence in the CNS, with a very similar role to that of the macrophage. The purpose of microglia is to find and ‘clean up’ damaged neurons, infectious agents and plaques, and for this reason they are believed to have significance in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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Oligodendrocyte Antibodies

Oligodendrocytes are designed to insulate axons in the CNS. They form a myelin sheath which increases the speed and effectiveness of the nerve impulse along the axon, and are an essential requirement for proper functioning of the nervous system.

Oligodendrocytes have therefore been a key focus in the research of demyelination diseases, in particular multiple sclerosis.

The following specificities are often used as oligodendrocyte markers:

Further reading:

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