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alamarBlue® Cell Proliferation Assay

The fast, non-toxic, simple and reliable cell proliferation and viability reagent

alamarBlue® - Cell Proliferation and Viability Reagent

alamarBlue - Cell Proliferation and Viability Reagent

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alamarBlue is a cell proliferation assay that provides a rapid, sensitive and economical way to quantitatively measure cell proliferation and cytotoxicity in various human and animal cell lines. It can also be used to study mycobacteria, bacteria and fungi.

Features / Benefits

The following features and benefits establish alamarBlue as a preferred alternative reagent to similar cell proliferation assays (MTT, XTT, 3H Thymidine or neutral red) which will help you to get the results you need:

  • Simple  Water soluble, just add and measure the formula in cell cultures 
  • Flexible:  Colorimetric and fluorometric detection, for both suspended and attached cell lines
  • Non-toxic:  alamarBlue does not kill cells and is safe to the user and the environment
  • Reliable:  Highly referenced for cytotoxicity and viability assays
  • Scalable:  Effortless scale up for high throughput assays
  • High Sensitivity:  Detects as few as 50 cells
  • Stable:  Proprietary buffering agents ensures alamarBlue is suitable for time course studies
  • Economical:  No cell lysis allows cells to be cultured for subsequent assays


Sizes Available

alamarBlue® can be used for applications such as functional assay, immunofluorescence and ELISA. This reagent is offered in two sizes:

25 ml = Enough for 2500 wells /96-well plate

100 ml = Enough for 10000 wells /96-well plate

Note: Calculations assume 100 µl final volume per well (96-well plate).