alamarBlue - Cell Proliferation Assay

Sizes Available

alamarBlue can be used for applications such as functional assay, immunofluorescence, and ELISA.

This reagent is offered in two sizes:

25 ml = enough for 2,500 wells
/96-well plate

100 ml = Enough for 10,000 wells
/96-well plate

Note: Calculations assume 100 µl final volume per well (96-well plate).

The fast, non-toxic, simple, and reliable cell proliferation and viability reagent

alamarBlue is a cell proliferation assay that provides a rapid, sensitive, and economical way to quantitatively measure cell proliferation and cytotoxicity in various human and animal cell lines. It can also be used to study mycobacteria, bacteria, and fungi.

Why Use alamarBlue?

Very popular alamarBlue is a preferred alternative to other cell proliferation assays (for instance MTT, XTT, 3H Thymidine, or neutral red).

Try alamarBlue to get the results you need:

  • Simple:  water soluble, just add and measure the formula in cell cultures 
  • Flexible:  colorimetric and fluorometric detection, for both suspended and attached cell lines
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    BrDu Staining Experiments 10 Tips for Success Quick Guide

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    Scalable: effortless scale up for high throughput assays
  • Stable: proprietary buffering agents ensures alamarBlue is suitable for time course studies
  • Economical:  no cell lysis allows cells to be cultured for subsequent assays
  • Reliable:  highly referenced for cytotoxicity and viability assays
  • High Sensitivity:  detects as few as 50 cells
  • Non-toxic:  alamarBlue does not kill cells and is safe to the user and the environment

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