Leucoperm recognising M0MA-2 antigen

Leucoperm makes intracellular antigen analysis using flow cytometry easy. The kit comes with a ‘Reagent A’ that fixes cells in suspension, and a ‘Reagent B’ that subsequently permeabilizes them.

  • Results within the hour
  • Negligible background staining
  • Optimal staining patterns
  • Excellent scatter characteristics

With Leucoperm, antibodies can access intracellular structures leaving the morphological scatter characteristics of the cells intact. Leucoperm™ is superb for detecting many intracellular antigens including:

  • Cytokines e.g. IL-2 & IFN
  • TdT, MPO & CD3 involved in leukemia & lymphoma
  • Platelets: P-selectin, CD63 & Thrombospondin
  • Nuclear Ki-67 & PCNA expression in proliferating cells

The Ideal Fixation and Permeabilization Kits

The specific formulation of Leucoperm reduces background staining and allows the simultaneous addition of permeabilization medium and fluorochrome-labeled antibodies.

Most commercially available monoclonal antibody conjugates can be used with Leucoperm™ reagents.