Advantages of alamarBlue®

One of the best in vitro cell viability

alamarBlue® - Cell Proliferation and Viability Reagent

alamarBlue - Cell Proliferation and Viability Reagent

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alamarBlue is one of the best in vitro cell viability, cytotoxicity and cell proliferation detectors. It is an ecomomical and safe alternative to tetrazolium dyes such as MTT and because it is non-toxic, it can also be used for long term cell proliferation studies.

Simple: Just add and measure

  • Water soluble with no washing/fixing and extraction steps required as commonly used in other cell proliferation assays
  • Plates  can be refrigerated and read within 1-3 days 


  • Suitable for most cell types, including bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa, and cultured mammalian cells
  • Works for both suspended and attached cell lines
  • Suitable for colorimetric or fluorometric detection
  • Easy to scale up for high throughput assays


Unlike other cell proliferation redox indicators, alamarBlue is non-toxic, it does not interfere with the electron transport chain, and does not affect cell respiration or function. Please click here for more information about the redox determinants of alamarBlue

  • Minimal interference with normal metabolism
  • Non-toxic to cells
  • Non-toxic to user
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-toxic to environment

High sensitivity 

  • Detects as few as 50 cells


Proprietary buffering agent makes alamarBlue suitable for long term time course studies, with repeated measurements and compatible with a wide range of media

  • Allows for continuous monitoring of cells
  • Phenol red does not interfere with alamarBlue results, it only slightly shifts values


  • No cell lysis ensures that cells can continue to be cultured or used in other assays

Better than other cell viability assays (MTT)

  • alamarBlue gives improved sensitivity when compared to MTT assays and does not interrupt the electron transport chain. Please refer to Hamid et al. 2004 for detailed information

Wide range of applications

  • Cell proliferation assays
  • Bioassays for relative cytotoxicity
  • Cytokine assays


  • Highly referenced, thousands of publications on PubMed
  • Neutral effect upon cell growth also ensures no positive interferences to cell growth
  • Stable in culture
  • Can be used with most commonly used media, please see How to use alamarBlue? for more information

Sizes Available

We offer alamarBlue® in two sizes:

25 ml = Enough for 2500 wells /96-well plate

100 ml = Enough for 10000 wells /96-well plate