Protocols for alamarBlue®

Protocols for alamarBlue®

Detailed guides to help you use alamarBlue

alamarBlue® - Cell Proliferation and Viability Reagent

alamarBlue - Cell Proliferation and Viability Reagent

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alamarBlue has been extensively referenced and used within a wide range of research areas. Below is a list of protocols which are available to guide you should you decide to use alamarBlue as your chosen reagent. These include quality control, experimental optimization, general methods, examples and calculations for using alamarBlue.

For detailed protocols for how to use alamarBlue please click the following links:

  1. QC test for alamarBlue
  2. Method to determine LD50 using alamarBlue
  3. General method for measuring cytotoxicity or proliferation using alamarBlue (Spectrophotometry method and Fluorescence method)
  4. Method for determining optimum length of incubation and plating density
  5. Spectrophotometry calculations for using different filters
  6. alamarBlue example experiments