Protocols for alamarBlue

Sizes Available

alamarBlue can be used for applications such as functional assay, immunofluorescence, and ELISA.

This reagent is offered in two sizes:

25 ml = Enough for 2,500 wells
/96-well plate

100 ml = Enough for 10,000 wells
/96-well plate

Note: Calculations assume 100 µl final volume per well (96-well plate).

Detailed protocols to help you use alamarBlue

alamarBlue has been extensively referenced and used in a wide range of research areas. Below is a list of protocols including quality control, experimental optimization, general methods, examples, and calculations for using alamarBlue.

Detailed protocols for use of alamarBlue:

  1. QC test for alamarBlue
  2. Method to determine LD50 using alamarBlue
  3. General method for measuring cytotoxicity or proliferation using alamarBlue (spectrophotometry method and fluorescence method)
  4. Method for determining optimum length of incubation and plating density
  5. Spectrophotometry calculations for using different filters
  6. alamarBlue example experiments