VSV-G tag antibodies

VSV-G tag Antibodies

Ideal tools for monitoring protein purification progress

VSV-G, also known as Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Glycoprotein, is a member of the Rhabdoviridae family, and consists of a single RNA molecule that encodes five proteins, one of which is a surface glycoprotein (G). G is a type I membrane glycoprotein and is responsible for viral binding to cell surface receptors and initiating the infectious process. Epitope tags are short peptide sequences that can be attached to proteins from all species, and do not affect the protein’s biochemical properties.

Bio-Rad offers two polyclonal VSV-G tag antibodies that are available in purified and biotin formats suitable for ELISA and immunofluorescence applications. Our purified polyclonal VSV-G tag antibody (Product Code AHP1228) specifically recognizes fusion proteins containing the VSV-G epitope tag sequence (YTDIEMNRLGK). 

Rabbit anti VSV-G tag antibody has been reported as suitable for immunofluorescence. However, filamentous staining may be observed at dilutions lower than 1:200.Bulk quantities of our epitope tag antibodies are available and we also offer custom labeling with the conjugate of your choice e.g. DyLight® dyes. Please contact us for further information and a quote for these services.

Anti VSV-G tag antibody products

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