DYKDDDDK tag antibodies

DYKDDDDK tag Antibodies

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DYKDDDDK epitope tag antibody

DYKDDDDK tagged protein probed with Rat anti DYKDDDDK tag: HRP (MCA4764P)

Bio-Rad offers both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies recognizing the DYKDDDDK peptide sequence.

The hydrophilic epitope tagging sequence DYKDDDDK (Asp-Tyr-Lys-Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys) corresponds to a C-terminal region of the 95-mer sequence of the pVP-FLAG cloning vector.

Our rat monoclonal antibody clone 6F7, (Product Code MCA4764) is specific for DYKDDDDK when fused to either the amino- or carboxyl- terminus or at an internal site on target proteins.The rat DYKDDDDK monoclonal antibody is available in different formats, including, FITC, RPE and HRP conjugated antibodies while our purified antibody is available in a variety of quantities including bulk and test sizes. Clone 6F7 is suitable for use in ELISA, flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, paraffin embedded tissue sections and Western blotting. The antibody works at neutral pH and has very low background staining in immunocytochemistry.

The polyclonal DYKDDDDK antibody (Product Code AHP1074) recognizes the hydrophilic epitope tagging octapeptide sequence DYKDDDDK when it is fused to either the amino- or carboxyl- terminus of target proteins. Rabbit anti DYKDDDDK Tag antibody has been tested against both the immunogen and recombinant proteins containing the DYKDDDDK sequence in ELISA and Western blotting and shows greater binding affinity and sensitivity to fusion proteins containing the DYKDDDDK sequence than the clones M1, M2 and M5, in the majority of assays. Available in purified and HRP labeled formats, AHP1074 antibody has been shown not to cross-react with any endogenous proteins in Western blotting of bacterial extracts.

Did you know?

  • Using a directly conjugated primary antibody saves time and resources as no secondary antibody step is needed
  • All HRP conjugates speed up your Western blotting experiments
  • Alexa Fluor® conjugates are perfect for use in Flow cytometry

DYKDDDDK tag antibody products

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