Strep tag antibodies

Anti Strep tag Antibodies

Ideal tools for monitoring protein purification progress

There are two Strep-tag® antibody clones: Strep-tag II and Strep-MAB

Strep-tag® is an 8 amino acid sequence, WSHPQFEK, especially useful for tagging membrane proteins, metalloproteins and sensitive protein complexes with multiple subunits.

Strep-MAB IMMO antibody (Product Code MCA2488), also known as Strep-MAB, is particularly suited to the capture of Strep-tag II containing proteins in assays such as ELISA, BiaCore™, or on biochips.This antibody demonstrates near irreversible binding of Strep-tag II, which is N-terminally extended by SerAla. This product is not recommended for the detection of Strep II fusion proteins in Western blot.

Mouse anti Strep-tag classic antibody (Product Code MCA2489), clone Strep-tag II, also known as StrepMAB-Classic, recognizes both the C and N terminal as well as the internal region of Strep-tag II. The HRP format is ideal for Western blot applications. It is a widely used tag used in protein expression applications.

Anti strep tag antibody products

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