V5 tag Antibodies

V5 tag Antibodies

Highly cited antibodies for a range of applications

Western blot of V5-tagged protein probed with Mouse anti V5 tag, clone SV5-Pk1

Western blot of V5-tagged protein probed with Mouse anti V5 tag, clone SV5-Pk1 (MCA1360) visualized with Rabbit anti Mouse IgG: HRP (STAR13B)

Our V5 tag antibody range includes the highly cited SV5-Pk1 antibody clone and a selection of directly conjugated antibodies for variety of applications.

Like c-myc and HA tags, the V5 tag is a small epitope tag (IPNPLLGLD), which can be placed by molecular cloning at the N- or C-terminus of a protein of choice.

Via detection of the tag with V5 antibodies crucial information about the protein of interest can be unveiled. For example the cellular location of the protein of interest can be determined via immunofluorescence or western blotting of cell fractions. Interaction partners of the protein of interest can be identified via performing pull down/ immunoprecipitation experiments with beads coupled to V5 antibodies. Our popular V5 antibodies have been tested and cited in all these crucial applications and many more.

Did you know?

  • Clone SV5-Pk1 is highly trusted by researchers (203 citations on CiteAb)
  • All V5 tag  antibodies are mouse monoclonals – giving you high batch to batch consistency and experimental reproducibility
  • V5 tag antibodies are available directly conjugated to HRP and AP - making the use of secondary antibodies in Western blotting redundant
  • For all your multicolor flow needs V5 tag antibodies are available conjugated to a large selection of Alexa Fluor®, DyLight®  and conventional dyes 

We have a comprehensive portfolio consisting of five V5 tag antibodies recognizing different epitopes within the small Pk tag – this allows you to select the one best suited for your experimental set up.

Want to know more about the V5 tag? Have a look at our epitope tag reference list.

V5 tag antibody products

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