Improve Assays for Antibody Drug Development

Discover how highly specific human monoclonal antibodies can improve pharmacokinetic and immune response assays

Highly sensitive, anti-idiotypic antibodies have important applications for therapeutic drug development and monitoring. They can be generated in vitro without immunization of animals, and selected to bind specifically to an antibody drug, but not to the vast excess of similar immunoglobulin molecules found in patient serum.

Read these technical articles to learn more about the challenges in pharmacokinetic and anti-drug antibody assay development, and how anti-idiotypic antibodies can be used as part of a range of approaches to to support preclinical research and clinical trials.

Monitoring Antibody Immune Responses against Biotherapeutic Drugs

How to overcome assay challenges using custom recombinant antibodies

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Effective Tools for Drug monitoring Assays

How to improve your antibody drug development assays with anti-idiotypic antibodies

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Post by Amanda Turner