Flexible Antibody Formats

Due to the modular design of HuCAL® genes, it is possible to choose the best HuCAL antibody format for your application. HuCAL antibodies are initially produced as monovalent or bivalent Fab antibodies with embedded epitope tags. Following their identification, HuCAL Fab antibodies offer the additional advantage of rapid conversion into full-length immunoglobulins in a choice of isotypes and chimeric backbones.


HuCAL Antibodies Offer Application Specific Benefits

  • Fab Antibodies

Monovalent or bivalent Fab antibodies are recommended for the elimination of non-specific binding to cellular Fc receptors and serum factors. They are also useful for avoiding cytokine release in immune assays, for increasing antibody diffusion through cells and tissues, and for the co-crystallization of target proteins with antibodies. Epitope tags are an additional feature of the Fab antibodies that can be used for immunodetection or for immobilization to a matrix.

I. Recommended Fab Antibody Formats by Application
II. Fab Antibody Formats and Epitope Tag Combinations
III. Tag Sequences and Oligomerization Domains

Bio-Rad also offers a broad range of epitope tag antibodies, suitably conjugated for most applications.

  • Ig Conversions

HuCAL Fab antibodies can be converted into full-length immuoglobulins or chimeric antibodies (mouse-human or rat-human) in a range of isotypes. This may be necessary if the Fc region is needed for binding or agglutination reactions. In addition, HuCAL Immunoglobulins offer significant advantages as human calibrators and fully human standards in immunogenicity testing.