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How to obtain more of your custom HuCAL® antibody

How to obtain more of your custom HuCAL antibody Once you have received and evaluated your initial HuCAL recombinant antibodies, you may require more for your assay development or manufacturing. Depending on your final application and use, you may need a few milligrams to hundreds or thousands, conjugation to an enzyme or dye, and you may wish to have your antibody in alternative Fab formats or as a full length immunoglobulin for assay optimization and flexibility. Additionally you will want the antibody delivered in a timely manner and at consistently high quality.

Many of our customers ask us to make more of their antibody for them, and some have asked for the option to bring production of the antibody into their own lab. To meet these different needs we offer the following options for acquiring more of your antibody:

  1. We carry out the antibody production for you
    • Take advantage of our expertise in antibody manufacturing by ordering milligram to gram amounts of the antibody you need from us, in the original Fab format, modified with a label, or converted to an alternative Fab format or to full length immunoglobulin
  2. Bring production of your critical reagent into your lab
    • If you have Fab antibody expression and purification expertise and resources available, you can manage the Fab antibody production; we facilitate this for you through our FabXpress Antibody Production Kit
    • If you have experience of full length antibody expression in mammalian cell lines you can opt to purchase the antibody sequence in electronic format and carry out the gene synthesis, cloning and expression yourself; (there is no kit available for full length antibody expression currently)

Any antibody produced by you remains subject to the same terms and conditions agreed to for the original antibody generation project.

FabXpress Antibody Production Kit

This kit enables you to carry out production of your critical antibody reagents, giving you control of quality, delivery and costs. It provides essential materials and a handbook with guidelines for expression and purification of a custom HuCAL Fab antibody selected as part of a custom HuCAL generation project. The kit comprises:

  • 1 Vector containing antibody gene fragments
  • Antibody DNA and amino acid sequence, vector sequence
  • Handbook for Fab expression and purification

Vector containing Fab antibody gene fragments

The antibody gene fragments are supplied in the same bacterial expression vector that was used for your initial custom project. If you wish to switch to an alternative format you can purchase selected additional empty expression vectors and clone the antibody gene fragments into a different Fab format. Alternatively we can carry out the format change for you into any of our Fab formats, please inquire. Note: the bacterial strain is not included in the kit; not all bacterial strains are recommended.


Fab antibody DNA and amino acid sequence

The kit includes the sequence of the light chain, Fd chain and tags and the sequence of the chosen vector, in electronic format. The antibody sequence alone can be purchased for electronic storage of the DNA and amino acid information or for gene synthesis.

Handbook with guidelines for expression and purification

The handbook gives an overview of the HuCAL technology, Fab formats and expression vectors, along with our recommendations for cloning, expression, purification and QC. A troubleshooting guide, list of references and the source of recommended reagents are also included.

Ordering information for FabXpress Antibody Production Kit and related services:

Products for Customer Antibody Production

Catalog Number

FabXpress Antibody Production Kit

  • 1 Vector containing antibody gene fragments
  • Antibody DNA and amino acid sequence, vector sequence
  • Handbook


Fab expression vector (with stuffer fragment)


Antibody DNA and amino acid sequence

  • Light chain, Fd chain and tags in electronic format


Custom Services Available

Catalog Number

Conversion of Fab antibody to alternative Fab format


Production of Fab antibody, per mg


Conversion to full immunoglobulin (Ig) format and test expression of up to 1 mg


Production of Ig antibody, 250 µg


Production of Ig antibody, per mg


Whether you decide to leave the production to our experienced team, or opt to bring it into your own lab, we know your ultimate aim is to have a high quality, consistent product, available when you want it and at good value. Our technical experts are available to guide you and offer advice according to your particular needs.